We work with creative professionals such as photographers, stylists, designers, producers, and artists. However, we know there are many freelancers who do not have their own company setup as Corporations or LLCs and who work for a much lower day rate than the professionals they work with on projects. This makes it difficult to hire consistent bookkeeping assistance, and Focus + Finance wants to help you. We now offer bookkeeping at a reduced rate to this lower income sector of creative industries at $30-$45 per hour. Here's what we can do for you:


Select software best suited for your needs. We use Quickbooks desktop software and Quickbooks Online, but there are many software options available that can be accessed through the cloud such as Freshbooks, Mint, and Neat. While these software do not have full accounting capacity (no reconciling statements and limited reporting options) they can provide basic expense categories ample enough for expense tracking and, ultimately, tax preparation. Some software also offers budgeting features which can be very helpful for someone working with limited resources. We can train you to use this software and periodically schedule sessions to check your work.


Some banking websites and credit card websites also offer expense tracking direct from your account. We can help you setup your categories, and tutor you about how to use these features. Bank of America and American Express are two financial institutions that offer this capability at no cost.


If you decide you want us to handle the bookkeeping completely, or in part, we will negotiate an hourly rate based on the type of work you need done. 


Further, we consult with freelance assistants about how to do professional invoicing, track what is owed to you, cash flow analysis so your bills are paid on time, help with insurance selection, and payments of back-taxes. The rate for these services is $50 per hour.


We are currently organizing seminars and workshops for freelancers to discuss basic accounting methods, how to survive as a professional in creative industries, and how to grow your career so that you can evenutally be a high-rate earner.


You can read more about our president Debbie Davies and articles about finance on our Tumblr blog and follow us on Twitter

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