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Focus + Finance was founded by Debbie Davies - a visual artist who has worked in photo shoot production, artist representation, marketing, and advertising.


This family-owned firm works exclusively with creative professionals. Debbie handled her own bookkeeping while running her NY artist agency and two art galleries - Ad Finem in Brooklyn and LiTE-HAUS in Berlin. Through decades of experience, she realized there was a need for creative people to get help from like-minded professionals who are sensitive to the needs of creative business.


We specialize in creative industries and know how to speak your language. Photographers, designers, producers, stylists, and other artists require communication with a financial team who understands your business, and how best to service your needs, without taking the focus away from your creative work. Experience working with a variety of visual arts companies has given us the background we need to give you clarity about your accounting.

We provide services with a flexible schedule so you can use us as little or as often as you need to. We work fully remote from Berlin, Germany - having moved from Brooklyn during the COVID-19 pandemic. We service clients all over the world.


We use Quickbooks Online software, and utilize cloud based file sharing to keep your books reconciled. We also help clients develop systems for their own team to stay organized and ahead of deadlines. While we do not file tax returns, we work closely with our client's tax accountants to audit data prior to preparing tax returns.

Our devotion to our clients, and sincere interest in improving their lifestyle is probably what we are most proud of. Our goal is your financial independence, increased knowledge about operating a small business, and an understanding of financial guidelines and rules. We believe that once an artist has a complete understanding about finances, it allows you the freedom to turn your focus back to the things you really want to do…create, produce, grow. 


So contact us today and let us know how we can help you FOCUS.

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