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We do not file tax returns. Please look for a tax accountant or CPA for that service. We only provide bookkeeping.

Basic Bookkeeping: $70/hr Enter credit card charges, petty cash, and deposits. Record and pay bills, reconcile banking, and record client invoices.


Production Accounting: $90/hr Includes Basic Bookkeeping. Prepare client invoices and job costing. Pay bills and transfer money based on cash flow. Collection on money owed from customers, and financial reports upon request.


Finance Manager: $100/hr Liaison with insurance brokers and tax authorities, assist in new hires, and setup payroll service. Periodic reviews of client financials to determine trends, forecasting, budget review, problem-solving.

Chief Financial Officer: $150/hr Consultations regarding overall health of business, brainstorm improvements, responsible for financial decisions in partnership with business owner.


Dept of Labor audit assistance: $150/hr Organize paperwork, collect payroll and tax reporting, liaison with Dept of Labor regarding unemployment insurance claims and audits.

Business Development: Fee determined on a project basis. Services such as setting up new entities, contracts, phasing out businesses, partnerships, pro-forma cash flow, organization charts, and transitioning to entirely new dreams.


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