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If you are applying for an O-1 Visa as a foreign artist, Focus + Finance can help you organize the materials for your application, and connect you with legal counsel to file your application.


Services include:


  • Writing an English version of your Curriculum Vitae during an in-person session. 

  • Writing recommendation letters on behalf of individuals you've worked with, to send to them for revision and signatures.

  • Reviewing your website and making suggestions for edits, or editing for you if you use an online service such as Wix or Wordpress.

  • Reviewing articles about you and selecting the best for your "portfolio".

  • Working together with you to format various examples of your work so that it is printable, and easy for the USCIS office to understand what you do.

  • Preparing contracts on behalf of the persons or companies you will be working with in the USA.

  • Completing the visa application with you.

  • Communicating with the lawyer who will send in your application and materials.


Fee is based on the amount of work you've already completed, your English language skills, and the amount of material you will need assembled. We charge an hourly rate of $100 per hour but can provide a flat fee depending on how prepared your materials are in advance. We have a network of foreign language artists who can communicate with you in Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian, and German.

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