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Focus + Finance has teamed up with Lou Sagar. For the past twelve years, Lou has concentrated on advising a diverse range of clients as a business advisor, and social lifestyle strategist. The combination of Lou's experience in retail merchandising, brand development, and web-based technologies makes him uniquely suited to advise and support a multitude of needs. He has an exceptional understanding of social media, its impact on e-commerce and user engagement. Notably, assignments have ranged from small entrepreneurial start-ups, to larger entities, and high profile experts. Engagements have included working with AOL,,, eBay, ABC Home, and Dean and Deluca. You can read more about Lou on his firm's website . Below is a list of services he offers our creative clients.


Social Media 101 -  Strategy and Positioning   (Initial Session: 90 Minutes)


What is the purpose of an online social strategy? This session includes assessment of your present digital identity and presence, and setting of goals.

  • Brand Awareness

  • Attract New Clients or Customers

  • Engagement with Audience

  • Other Calls to Action

  • Outline of Approach and Tactics to Achieve Goals. 


Digital Grooming: Design and Implementation


This is a hands-on assignment that  includes the above strategy session and/or an initial assessment of your current digital presence on social media platforms, a series of writing assignments to improve the articulation of the your message, and primary call to action from your business perspective.


Business Modeling for a Digital Eco-System


This is a more intensive assignment that is focused on helping you position your business to align more effectively with a fast-changing digital landscape, where many creative companies are struggling from dramatic changes in key industries such as publishing, art, music, and non-profits.

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