Focus + Finance has teamed up with Lou Sagar. For the past twelve years, Lou has concentrated on advising a diverse range of clients as a business advisor, and social lifestyle strategist. The combination of Lou's experience in retail merchandising, brand development, and web-based technologies makes him uniquely suited to advise and support a multitude of needs. He has an exceptional understanding of social media, its impact on e-commerce and user engagement. Notably, assignments have ranged from small entrepreneurial start-ups, to larger entities, and high profile experts. Engagements have included working with AOL, Etsy.com, Zappos.com, eBay, ABC Home, and Dean and Deluca. You can read more about Lou on his firm's website www.lousagar.com . Below is a list of services he offers our creative clients.


Social Media 101 -  Strategy and Positioning   (Initial Session: 90 Minutes)


What is the purpose of an online social strategy? This session includes assessment of your present digital identity and presence, and setting of goals.

  • Brand Awareness

  • Attract New Clients or Customers

  • Engagement with Audience

  • Other Calls to Action

  • Outline of Approach and Tactics to Achieve Goals. 


Digital Grooming: Design and Implementation


This is a hands-on assignment that  includes the above strategy session and/or an initial assessment of your current digital presence on social media platforms, a series of writing assignments to improve the articulation of the your message, and primary call to action from your business perspective.


Business Modeling for a Digital Eco-System


This is a more intensive assignment that is focused on helping you position your business to align more effectively with a fast-changing digital landscape, where many creative companies are struggling from dramatic changes in key industries such as publishing, art, music, and non-profits.

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