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Debbie Davies' unorthodox background gives Focus + Finance an edge regarding project management and cost controls. Davies educational background in engineering and experience with various start-ups allows her to help launch new businesses and evolve existing businesses as they move into larger spaces. Recent projects include project cost controls and liaison with architects and construction team for a Rockaway gallery/project space. She has prepared business plans and pro-forma cash flow analysis for three gallery/project spaces in Bushwick, Berlin, and Kiev. Combined with her strong finance experience, Davies is able to understand all facets of project phases, and to clearly communicate the numbers to her clients. 


The project financial controls and reporting system is designed to manage cost and cash flows in relation to scope and schedule deliverables.  Financial controls are based on the project budget.  When design is sufficiently advanced, typically at the end of the Schematic design phase, a committed budget is set and project control systems are put in place. 


Financial controls during the design phase are focused on monitoring soft costs and tracking invoices and expenditures against agreements and milestone deliverables.  During the construction phase, costs and exposures are tracked on a continual basis as work is put in place, issues develop and risks must be managed.  The financial controls system tracks and maintains a historic record of payment requisitions, change orders and allows sorting according to trade, date and other key categories.


The output of the financial controls process is a Variance Report that can compare the original budget to approved commitments, projected commitments and potential exposures.  The report also provides tracking of the sources, project contingencies and alternates.


The gallery/project space in Rockaway is a project close to Davies' heart, since she is also a visual artist. The Project RISE: Firehouse Redevelopment is an initiative by the Rockaway Waterfront Alliance. Davies is a board member of this organization that helps the Rockaway community connect with their environment and provides programming for children and families related to environmental concerns.


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